MSW Field Profiles 2022-23

MSW Nicole Boyer 2022 Agency Name: Andrew Maier Elementary School Profile: Graduate student in advanced year, placed in the Andrew Maier Elementary school in the Fleetwood school district. Field Placement Responsibilities: Within Andrew Maier Elementary school, I will participate in the development and implementation of school social work. Social work in schools is an important link between students, family, and community. I will work directly with the school and their staff to understand the needs of the students and their families. This will be done in conjunction with a created team of MSW social work students and a DSW student who is responsible for a pilot project that connects social workers, schools, and communities. My roles would include assessments, case management, and broking services. Future Goals: My future goals include becoming a family therapist and pursuing certifications that are related to Play Therapy and other family-oriented practices that make the family structure stronger. Department of Social Work

MSW Ailleya Burke-Thompson 2022 Agency Name: Bethlehem Health Bureau Profile: The Social Work program at the Bethlehem Health Bureau was made to help foster healthy relationships between the police and the people of Bethlehem. Field Placement Responsibilities: At this placement, I will be able to make referrals for my clients to the proper resources. I will also be making phone calls to our clients to do follow-ups, make sure they are okay and if they have not received proper services then I will help them through the process. I will make home visits with my field instructor, attend community events, shadow other agencies like the Hope outreach, EMS and more. Future Goals: My future goal is to work as a victims behavioral specialist. Department of Social Work

MSW Nicholas Croft 2022 Agency Name: Pinebrook Family Answers Profile: Pinebrook is an agency in the Greater Lehigh Valley focused on providing family focused services, including high fidelity wraparound services, family based services, adoption/foster services, behavioral health services, and outpatient mental health services. It has offices in Allentown, Wind Gap, and Easton. Field Placement Responsibilities: I will be working in the Outpatient Mental Health office in Easton providing counselling to individuals and their families. I will be working with mostly minors, but we provide counselling to all ages. Responsibilities include having sessions with clients and possibly family members, creating and updating treatment plans, making referrals, and conducting intakes for new clients. Future Goals: After I complete my MSWmy near future goals include getting my LSW and then working towards my LCSW. My long-term goal is to open a private practice providing psychotherapy in the Lehigh Valley. Department of Social Work

MSW Luz M. Dabo 2022 Agency Name: Reading High School- Reading School District Profile: The Reading High School is an educational institution with a current enrollment of over 4 thousand scholars in grades 9th-12th. The population is diverse with over 80 percent of students identify as Latinx and/or Hispanic. Many students are Spanish speaking only and part of the ESL program. Field Placement Responsibilities: I am assisting in the international student program. The intern is currently assisting in the international students’ program responsible to connect students with needed resources to ensure their academic success, safety and wellbeing. International students find a safe place at the international students’ office where the feel they belong. I assist with interpreting, listening, and providing support to international students. Some present struggling with anxiety due to the uncertainty of being in a new environment. Future Goals: My future goals are to gain the more skills possible to connect with adolescents and young adults. Skills learned during these opportunities will allow me too wide my experience to serve this population. Department of Social Work

MSW Patricia Jaquez De La Cruz 2022 Agency Name: The Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living Profile: The Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living (LVCIL) empowers persons with all types of disabilities to achieve independence in an inclusive community. The Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living (LVCIL) envisions a world free of barriers where people with all types of disabilities can live their dreams. Field Placement Responsibilities: During this field placement, I will be responsible for helping consumers with all types of disabilities to develop social and academic skills. I will learn to assist them in getting ready for independent living and reaching their goals. I will supervise them in the community while learning skills to prepare for future employment. I will shadow Life Skills, Counselors and licensed therapists, and social workers in the different programs in the Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living (LVCIL). Future Goals: In two years, I will have completed my Master of Social Work at Kutztown University. I want to continue working at the Northampton County Department of Human Services Children, Youth, and Families Division. Department of Social Work

MSW Kelsey Dominicis 2022 Agency Name: Mind Matters Coaching, Counseling Profile: Mind Matters Coaching, Counseling mission is to guide others on their life journey and help them understand that the mind matters. They want to assist others in the growth and transformation of their mind, heart, and soul. Most of the providers have real diverse, empathetic, and knowledgeable expertise at the practice. Field Placement Responsibilities: During this field placement, I will be shadowing, be supervised, and be trained in treatment sessions with clients to develop my understanding of therapeutic approaches. I will also be involved in researching and compiling resource and supports for clients to utilize throughout treatment to increase their understanding and a basis of support for their mental health needs. I will also become familiar with patient record keeping, progress notes, intake session, biopsychosocial, consents, and more, by reading, practice writing, and auditing client files. Future Goals: To increase my knowledge on how social work practices and to be able to open a treatment center that revolves around pet therapy and how it helps those with mental health adapt to their environment. Department of Social Work

MSW Roberta Ehritz 2022 Agency Name: Aspire to Autonomy Profile: Aspire’s mission is to provide an environment of safety, healing, and empowerment that will equip victims of trafficking with the services and programs that are essential to their pursuit of independence. Field Placement Responsibilities: I am placed at Aspire’s safe house. It is a 4-bed short-term emergency shelter for female identifying survivors of human trafficking. Our Safe House programming includes case management, individual and group therapy, psychoeducational groups, life skills workshops, and mentorship. At the safe house I am responsible for coordinating activities, providing support services, and assisting with daily chores and meal prepping. I also cofacilitate two groups and run two groups independently. My other tasks include providing conflict resolution by encouraging positive methods for problemsolving, responding to program and resident inquiries, and providing on site crisis intervention. Future Goals: After obtaining my MSW, I would like to work with adult on the inpatient unit. Ultimately, I would like to become a LCSW. Department of Social Work

MSW Maya Evans 2022 Agency Name: Kutztown Strong Profile: Kutztown Strong is a grassroots, non-profit organization serving the Kutztown and neighboring communities working toward "Strengthening The Resolve Of the Next Generation". Kutztown Strong began as a response to the local opioid crisis, but has grown to incorporate behavioral health. Now, they are sponsoring social work interns for the Kutztown, Brandywine Heights, and Fleetwood school districts. Field Placement Responsibilities: During the course of my field placement with Kutztown Strong, I will be responsible for acting as the school social worker for Greenwich-Lenhartsville Elementary School. In this role, I will work diligently to engage families and connect them with the school and the community. Through offering my case management services, I will assist both parents and children with goal setting, accessing resources, and advocating with and for them. I will work on an interdisciplinary team with the support staff and teachers to ensure student success. Future Goals: In the future, I hope to lead a happy and healthy life full of travel, have a career as a school social worker, and continue to be active in my community. Department of Social Work

MSW Kayla Fox 2022 Agency Name: Everlasting Wellness, LLC Profile: Everlasting Wellness provides therapy specializing in pregnancy, postpartum, and maternal issues. Their mission is to bring knowledge, support, and care to women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. Amanda, owner, is the first certified perinatal mental health therapist in Berks County. Therapy is also available for children, adolescents, couples, and families in a safe, nonjudgmental space. Field Placement Responsibilities: My field placement responsibilities include expanding my knowledge of the therapeutic process from intake to discharge, observing clinicians as they treat children, adolescents, couples, and families, and learning the funding procedures of private practice. I will facilitate treatment sessions with clients, primarily children and adolescents, as I expand my therapeutic skills. My role will also involve keeping accurate progress notes, devising treatment plans, and utilizing treatment modalities. I will work with agency staff to execute community events and therapeutic groups as well as community outreach efforts. Future Goals: Upon completion of the MSW program, I plan to continue supporting clients in a therapeutic setting as I work towards my clinical licensure. Department of Social Work

MSW Aaron Fritz 2022 Agency Name: Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit (CLIU) Profile: The CLIU is a part of the PA State education system and acts as a liaison between school districts and the State. All counties in PA have some form of IU which offer crucial services to meet the needs of diverse student populations. The CLIU works both within the schools and operates its own school centers for children with differing needs. Field Placement Responsibilities: The position places me face to face with emotional support students during their school day. I am responsible for facilitating groups, engaging individually with students and with parents/families, collecting data on student performance, assisting with class function, addressing behavior concerns and crisis. The position also requires acting as a liaison between the school and student's families, specifically parents. The position allows me the opportunity for close contact with our school social worker and participation/observation of school meetings such as IEP, CASSP, and intakes. Future Goals: To be a school social worker. Department of Social Work

MSW Morgan Gabriele 2022 Agency Name: Kutztown Strong Profile: The focus of Kutztown Strong is to strengthen our local communities creating a safe place for everyone to live. The Mission and Purpose of Kutztown Strong is to Strengthen The Resolve Of the Next Generation. Kutztown Strong was established as a response to the opioid crisis however has expanded too also helping families adapt to life stressors and providing guidance. Field Placement Responsibilities: I will be placed at Brandywine Elementary School introducing Social Work to the District. I will be providing case management to children and families. I will be conducting screening assessments to the children at Brandywine Elementary School to understand their needs. I will also be providing families any assistance and resources they need in the local community or surrounding area. During the school day, I will be meeting children to give them extra assistance, support, and guidance. Future Goals: A goal of mine is to graduate the MSW Program and receive the School Social Work certification. A future goal of mine is to also become a Licensed Social Worker. Department of Social Work

MSW Jessyca Garlic 2022 Agency Name: CASA of Berks County Profile: Court Appointed Special Advocates of Berks County speaks up for children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by empowering the community to volunteer to be advocates for them in the court system. Their focus is to restore children’s well-being and to ensure a safe, nurturing, and permanent home. CASA wants to help children break the cycle and become healthy, empowered adults in the future. Field Placement Responsibilities: My responsibilities involve attending court when once a week. As well as being added to a child's case and visiting this child at their school to see how they are adjusting, having any sleeping issues, or making friends. My field instructor also assigned me a project to conduct ten initial interviews to explore the need for such a coalition and to assess the response of key community members to the idea of creating a coalition advocating for Berks County’s most vulnerable children. Future Goals: My future goal is to continue to broaden my knowledge within the community and the population I am working with. I want to continue helping communities that are underserved to get the resources they need. Department of Social Work

MSW Kate Geist 2022 Agency Name: Service Access and Management Profile: SAM is an agency that focuses on providing services and resources to its clients through case management and Certified Peer Specialist Services. SAM has eight different service lines. Therefore, there is always a specific service line/area for each client. No matter what unique situation clients may present, SAM will still try and cater to those specific needs for the clients we serve. Field Placement Responsibilities: I am shadowing two different positions at my agency. I am shadowing the “supervisor” role, and the “case worker” role. For the “supervisor” role, I typically attend frequent supervisor meetings to discuss current topics and concerns within the agency. I also have built-in “work from home” days where I get to handle paperwork, online trainings, and data spreadsheets as a part of other tasks I partake in. While shadowing the “case worker” role, I typically follow case workers around throughout the day while they meet up with several clients and provide various different resources/services that may be needed. I usually watch case workers exemplify the social worker role of a “broker.” Future Goals: To become an administrator that oversees an agency’s overall successes/failures, as well as finding ways to make sure an agency is efficiently providing the resources and services it claims to provide. Department of Social Work

MSW Katie Gorey 2022 Agency Name: Kutztown University Department of Social Work Profile: The BSW Field Instructor for Kutztown University Department of Social Work will provide a collaboration between the MSW program and the BSW program at Kutztown University. Students who are fulfilling their internship requirements through Kutztown University will be administered a field instructor who is completing their Master of Social Work at Kutztown University. Field Placement Responsibilities: I am responsible for creating roles, expectations, policies, and more for this pilot internship. I am also responsible to hold one-hour weekly supervision with the BSW interns. As the field instructor I will be shadowing the BSW interns at their field placements, assisting with their practicum prospectus, and evaluating their performance and learning experience. I will incorporate research on multiple organizations within and outside of the Kutztown community, distribute PHQ-9 bi-weekly in supervision for interpretation, and more. I will be guiding the BSW interns through their learning experiences and attending their field placement meetings with the Liaison appointed to them through Kutztown University. I will collaborate with the BSW interns' task supervisors and multidisciplinary team members. Future Goals: When I graduate from Kutztown University with my MSW I will obtain my LSW. Then I will begin my journey to obtain my LCSW through a non-profit organization in the Berks County community. Department of Social Work

MSW Ryan Griffin-Silveri 2022 Agency Name: LGBT Center of Greater Reading Profile: The LGBT Center seeks to provide supports and programs to address the needs of the LGBT population, considered a vulnerable population. They do this by either advocating for policy changes or as simple as linking individuals to needed resources. Field Placement Responsibilities: My responsibilities at the Center include but are not limited to the role of task coordinator for fellow interns in providing Care Coordination that include finding housing, referrals, applying for benefits, name change, and financial support. I lead the food pantry and the WarmMeal Wednesday program. I facilitate groups and engage with the community through tabling events. I complete paperwork and maintain accurate records on the population that we serve, I coordinate volunteers for the WarmMeal Wednesday program, and drive to deliver food on the street. I am evaluating and developing a more sustainable care coordination program to better serve the population and increase its efficacy. Future Goals: My future goals are to develop skills that will help me work in any environment, to serve a vulnerable population and promote change to benefit them. Department of Social Work

MSW Amanda Heffernan 2022 Agency Name: St. Lukes Hospital Profile: St. Luke's Mission is to care for the sick and injured regardless of their ability to pay, improve our communities' overall health, and educate our health care professionals. Field Placement Responsibilities: Case Management is to provide comprehensive care to patients admitted to the hospital from admission through discharge, by maximizing available internal and external resources to reduce length of stay and improve quality of care. It includes assessing, planning, implementing, coordinating, and evaluating health and community related services to meet a patient’s physical, psychosocial, vocational, and health needs in a cost effective, outcomes-oriented, and timely manner. As department needs change, the services may be performed at any level within the Network’s continuum of services and/or sites. Future Goals: Medical social worker Department of Social Work

MSW Hailey Ilgenfritz 2022 Agency Name: Kutztown Strong Profile: Kutztown Strong stands for Strengthen The Resolve Of the Next Generation. The goal of the agency is to make healthy, informed decisions, envisioning such healthy behaviors will create strong communities. Field Placement Responsibilities: I have been placed at the Brandywine Heights Elementary school to help bring social work to the school. I will also be working with a DSW student and a team of MSW students to conduct research on rural schools. Future Goals: In the future I would like to work with teenagers in the school setting. Department of Social Work

MSW Martina Jacques 2022 Agency Name: Holcomb crisis Profile: My name is Martina Jacques; I am in the advanced standing Master of Social Work program. I am placed at Holcomb Behavioral Health crisis center. Holcomb Crisis Intervention offers a crisis program to assist children, adolescents, and adults experiencing varying levels of crisis. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are free to the residents of Berks County. Field Placement Responsibilities: As an intern, I observe and assist crisis specialists, in Providing telephone crisis assessment/ triage, counseling interventions, and service referrals. Provide rapidly deployed mobile interventions throughout the community when greater intervention is required. Focus efforts on identifying alternatives to psychiatric hospitalizations whenever possible. Facilitate voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations when clinically necessary. Support recovery-oriented principles by instilling hope and social connection. Future Goals: In the future, I would like to work in immigration serving asylum seekers and helping them settle in the country. Additionally, I plan to work on my clinical license and work with all types of populations. Department of Social Work

MSW Alexandria Lynn Jones 2022 Agency Name: Andreya Jones Counseling Profile: Group practice: Sex Therapy & Relationship Counseling Services Andreya Jones Counseling (AJC) provides sex therapy, marriage counseling, relationship therapy, and individual therapy to clients in Pennsylvania. Field Placement Responsibilities: My role within the agency is to enhance the agency’s community efforts by building out and providing services in a group therapeutic setting. Ensuring accessibility is at the forefront of these efforts. Additionally, my role includes outreach to the community through grassroots efforts to expand domestic violence survivor group therapy. Future Goals: I aspire to be a counselor in sex therapy, relationships, sexology, loveology. I hope to become a well -rounded clinician with an open mind and open heart to assist folks in their healing journeys. Department of Social Work

MSW Megan Kishbaugh 2022 Agency Name: KU Women's Center and LGBTQ+ Center Profile: The Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Resource Center strive to create a community that promotes inclusivity, empowerment, and equity. The centers are a safe space for Kutztown students and the surrounding community. They host programs and discussions in hopes to educate and engage others on topics surrounding social justice. The centers offer a variety of resources for students. Field Placement Responsibilities: As an intern at the Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Center, I work on projects to help promote inclusivity and equity, including the All-Inclusive Establishments initiative. This project was started by a previous intern to get local businesses to support inclusivity within their establishment. I also help oversee the Stonewall Community. This is a community of first year students who identify as being part of the LGBTQ+ community. Other responsibilities at the centers include attending trainings, hosting trainings to educate others, supporting students who come into the centers and researching topics regarding current social justice issues. Future Goals: In the future, I hope to work with survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. I also have an interest in working with those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community. Department of Social Work

MSW Carolyn Kornak 2022 Agency Name: The Valley Against Sex Trafficking Profile: The Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST) is a nonprofit in Allentown with the mission of ending sex trafficking through collaboration, education, and advocacy. VAST serves to support survivors of sex trafficking at any point along their journey and those at risk of being trafficked. Field Placement Responsibilities: At VAST, I will be able to assist survivors and those at-risk in accessing necessities and community resources. I will also be assisting in raising funds and reaching out to possible sponsors for the agency's annual fundraising event. This field placement also gives me the chance to utilize my skills to update the agency website. VAST collaborates with several other organizations in the community, including the Valley Youth House where I will be facilitating groups focused on trafficking awareness, safety, and coping skills. I will also be able to participate in community outreach activities that offer the community members free food and hygiene items and provide the organization the chance to meet people in the community who may benefit from VAST. Future Goals: In the future, I hope to graduate with my MSW and become a Licensed Social Worker. Department of Social Work

MSW Rebecca Kratz 2022 Agency Name: Berks Counseling Center Profile: My name is Rebecca Kratz, and I am in my MSW advanced level year. I am interning at Berks Counseling Center (BCC) in the clinical department. Berks Counseling Center is certified community behavioral health clinic as well as an integrated community wellness center that provides both behavioral and physical health services to children and adults. Field Placement Responsibilities: As an intern, I will be creating treatment plans with individuals who have mental health diagnoses and/or have substance use disorders. From there, I will work with these individuals using evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivation interviewing. I will also be cofacilitating intensive outpatient groups and dual diagnoses groups. Future Goals: I would like to obtain my license and continue to work in the child welfare field. Department of Social Work

MSW Krystie Kuczawa 2022 Agency Name: Guardian Ad Litem Profile: Guardian Ad Litem is a child advocacy program in Berks County. The GAL is the child's voice in the courtroom. The GAL may need to review court and agency records, interview potential witnesses, and conduct individual child assessments for the best interest of the child. Overall, the GAL's main goal is to communicate to the court the child's wishes and best interests. Field Placement Responsibilities: My field placement responsibilities are assisting and supporting children to ensure their interest and needs are met through collaboration with the court appointed guardian. My knowledge must be current and familiar with each court case on a weekly basis. I will also be conducting home and school visits to assess the children, one on one, in a private environment. As a child’s GAL, it is important that I establish a trusting relationship with open communication to ensure their needs and safety are maintained. Future Goals: My future goals are to become an elementary school social worker. I am eager to gain experience in my education and internship, so I may apply these best practices to my career in the future. Department of Social Work

MSW Mikaela Larry 2022 Agency Name: Delaware Valley School District Profile: The agency focuses on how to remove barriers for children in school. They also provide outside resources to families that need the help. Field Placement Responsibilities: My responsibilities in my field placement is to help run groups in the primary, elementary, middle, and high school in the district. I also help plan thing throughout the middle school such as spirit week, red ribbon week, and the different awareness’s each month. Future Goals: My future goal is to be a school social worker. I am not sure what level of school. Department of Social Work

MSW Cheyenne Lehman 2022 Agency Name: Thompson Social Services Profile: My name is Cheyenne Lehman, and I am a current advanced level student pursing my master’s degree in social work. I am placed at Thompson Social Services, and the agency provides clinical and representative payee services to residents of Schuylkill, Lebanon, and Lancaster counties. Field Placement Responsibilities: This semester, I am in the Social Work Roles of Case Manager, Educator, and Broker as a representative payee case manager and supervisor. My daily responsibilities include regular contact with clients and management of Social Security benefits to ensure the needs of clients and their families are addressed and planned for. I assist clients and their families in understanding their budget and Social Security rules and regulations, and I also collaborate with their care team to promote effective transitions and find valuable resources within their own communities to enhance their wellbeing. I also supervise an intern and developing my own personal leadership style and identifying policies within the agency that can be changed to promote a family-in-environment perspective. Future Goals: I hope to obtain my license and continue to work in the non-profit sector and enhance my leadership and supervisor skills to promote healthy team environments for social workers. Department of Social Work

MSW Alexa Lenhart 2022 Agency Name: Muhlenberg School District Profile: I am Alexa Lenhart, pursuing my Master of Social Work at Kutztown University. This semester I am placed at the Muhlenberg School District Junior High. Social workers are newly emerging into the school setting and much of my work pertains to establishing the roles and responsibilities of a social work professional in the educational environment. Field Placement Responsibilities: As an intern at the MSD Junior High, I will be participating in a variety of tasks and functioning in many different capacities. I will provide direct services to students including crisis intervention, needs assessment, conflict resolution, and emotion regulation. I will also be serving as a schoolto-community liaison, as well as referring students and families to school and community-based resources. I will provide education to faculty and staff to support positive behavior and improved academic achievement. I will work directly and indirectly with students, families, faculty, and staff through a practice perspective that empowers individuals by way of family support and preservation. Future Goals: Once I graduate with my MSW, I wish to begin my career in the school setting. As a school social worker, I hope to improve the lives of students and families by meeting their diverse needs. Department of Social Work

MSW Cassidy Lentz 2022 Agency Name: The Valley Against Sex Trafficking Profile: The Valley Against Sex Trafficking, VAST, is a non-profit organization. Their mission is to, through collaboration, education, and advocacy, empower survivors and encourage the community to take action in the anti-trafficking movement. Their goal is to eliminate human trafficking and end sexual exploitation in the Lehigh Valley. Field Placement Responsibilities: As an intern at VAST, I am involved in supporting, empowering, and connecting with multiple clients throughout the day. While being responsible for completing daily tasks for my internship, I am also involved in providing resources for clients, engaging in outreach programs, and engaging in client support. I will be working closely with my supervisor and attending programs and scheduled meetings while also discussing the roles and skills of a social worker throughout this process. While continuing to expand my knowledge about sex trafficking and the impact it has on the community and survivors. Future Goals: My future goal after graduating with my MSW is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Department of Social Work

MSW Sarah Lytle 2022 Agency Name: Allentown School District Profile: The mission of the Allentown School District is to prepare each student to graduate college and career ready by having their individual needs met through active engagement in a rigorous, safe and nurturing environment. The Department of Special Education serves students who qualify through a program of support and services as indicated on their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Field Placement Responsibilities: For the academic year, intern responsibilities are fulfilled at both Raub and Trexler Middle School. Field placement responsibilities include developing of a program of services, facilitating individual and group counseling with students in Special Education, brokering resources to students and families, and working within an interdisciplinary team of administrators, teachers, school counselors, and social workers to address each student’s needs from varying perspectives. As the Special Education Social Worker is a new position within the Allentown School District, a critical responsibility is collecting and analyzing data to indicate effectiveness and importance of the position to defend the need for social workers within ASD. Future Goals: My future goals include graduating with my MSW and working as a School Social Worker. Department of Social Work

MSW Tara Mahoney 2022 Agency Name: Muhlenberg School District Profile: My field placement is at Muhlenberg School District located in Laureldale. Muhlenberg School District is a public school district that has a mission to provide students with quality programs and technology with regards to teaching instruction and to teach social and emotional skills to cope with societies demands and to prepare students to be productive citizens. Field Placement Responsibilities: I function under the role as a school social worker and provide social/emotional support services to students in grades K-6. My duties include providing one on one support services by using various treatment modalities, conduct weekly check-ins as needed with students to monitor their behaviors and address new issues as needed, develop and facilitate a group intervention to students in grades 2-3 that address social aggression, monitor, and facilitate sensory lunch programs, engage families in their child’s education, broker community services to students and their families as needed, conduct classroom observations, attend staff meetings and lunch duty to build an ongoing rapport with students. Future Goals: My goal is to become a licensed social worker and pursue certifications in school social work and provide therapy and services to children in both education and private practice settings. Department of Social Work

MSW Amanda Martinez 2022 Agency Name: Montgomery Co. Office of Children and Youth Profile: The Office of Children and Youth is mandated by law to investigate all suspected instances child abuse and neglect involving children from ages birth to 18 in Montgomery county. In addition to investigating the abuse claims the office also offers support services to the family to ensure the safety and welfare of the children. Field Placement Responsibilities: The truancy unit is responsible for screening, assessing, and assisting families that have school age children that are deemed truant by the school districts. I will be working with the unit supervisor to assist with the intake process. Once the referral is received I will gather all appropriate information and asses if further services are needed. Future Goals: I hope to continue my career in Child Welfare, upholding social worker's values and ethics in every interaction I have with my clients and co-workers. Department of Social Work

MSW Cory Mays 2022 Agency Name: Wilson School District Profile: Wilson School District serves nearly 6000 students with over 500 faculty members spread over 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school. Wilson’s focus is to have each student earn a quality education and to set them up for success in their future endeavors. Field Placement Responsibilities: At Wilson School District, Cory has the unique opportunity of being in three school levels: elementary, middle, and high school. In the elementary level, Cory has taken on a mentoring role to a select group of students. He also conducts group meetings in the elementary and high school levels that span from self-reflection/mindfulness to social skills. Volunteering to go further, Cory has requested to specifically work with children of military families to assist in easing the burden that deployments and military service can put on families. Future Goals: Cory’s future goals include graduating with an MSW and SSW certificate, becoming a Licensed Social Worker, and working in a school setting assisting students in achieving their highest potential. Department of Social Work

MSW Ebony Maxwell 2022 Agency Name: Thrive-Valley Youth House Profile: Thrive is a residential home for youth ages 14-21 who have been identified as high risk and/or a victim of sexual exploitation and or human trafficking. The primary goal of the program is safety, stability, and support. The home provides therapeutic case management and evidence-based trauma therapy approaches. The program is a stepping-stone for the youth to prepare to live independently. Field Placement Responsibilities: As an intern, I have many roles and responsibilities. In consideration to the NASW Code of Ethics, providing service is paramount. On a weekly basis, I facilitate group therapy sessions with the youth. It is my job to plan and organize these sessions. I also collaborate with my field instructor once a month and prepare human trafficking educational courses for the youth. One of the most important responsibilities that I have is to be present and interact with the youth on a day-to-day basis. It is my job to plan and facilitate daily recreational activities for the youth. I portray the roles of a supporter, educator, counselor, and advocate for the youth at Thrive. Future Goals: I plan to get my LSW after graduation to obtain an advanced position at my current employer, Children and Youth. Eventually, I plan to pursue my LCSW. Department of Social Work

MSW Annalise McDowell Morris 2022 Agency Name: Reading High School Profile: Reading High School is the only high school apart of the Reading School District. It is the largest high school in the state of Pennsylvania, and services students in a multitude of ways. The team of social workers employed at the high school focus on supporting students and families in order to encourage education and attendance. Field Placement Responsibilities: As an intern at RHS, I work alongside a team of social workers, to not only ensure students feel safe and supported throughout the school day, but when they return home in the afternoon as well. One of our primary responsibilities include connecting families to resources for utilities, food, and housing. Additionally, we connect students to alternative forms of education to better meet their mental and behavioral health needs. Future Goals: In the future, I am excited about the possibility of joining RHS’ social work team. Overall, I hope to collaborate with resources in the Reading area to do whatever it takes to raise up Reading’s community. Department of Social Work

MSW Morgan Mengle 2022 Agency Name: LCCC-Disability Support Services Office Profile: Lehigh Carbon Community College Disability Support Services is committed to students who have disabilities and having them achieve their best potential in their college journey. Field Placement Responsibilities: My field placement responsibilities are to make sure students are meeting their best potential with their accommodations needed. Other responsibilities include building relationships with staff members and students and collaborate with them. I can attend meetings and discuss any concerns or obstacles the student may be facing regarding their college journey. Future Goals: I would like to graduate with my MSW and work in the Education field or in the medical field. Department of Social Work

MSW Kristina Merced 2022 Agency Name: St. Luke's Penn Foundation Profile: St. Luke's Penn Foundation (SLPF) recovery center inpatient (RCIP) is a leader in the treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. SLPF provides a comprehensive, cutting-edge approach to addiction treatment that is adaptable to fit the specific needs of each of the clients, guided by the core premise that family plays a crucial part in the recovery process. Field Placement Responsibilities: At the SLPF RCIP as the master’s level Social Work intern, I will be utilizing diverse therapeutic approaches to develop sober life skills for clients in order for them to maintain motivation. These approaches include individual, group, and family counseling, family education, and recreational activities. This will allow me to pinpoint and enhance my micro and mezzo level Social Work skills. I will also be able to focus on the fundamental perspective that family plays a significant role in the recovery process. Future Goals: My future goals are to become licensed with my LSW and work towards my LCSW. I intend on continuing my career with SLPF in their community-based family counseling and support for children and adolescents. Department of Social Work

MSW Kara McGill 2022 Agency Name: Stronger Together Initiative at Kutztown Ele. Profile: Kutztown Strong's Stronger Together Init. focuses on providing outreach services to students and families within the Kutztown, Fleetwood and Brandywine school districts. By being in the schools we are able to identify families in need and bridge the gaps between the school, families, and community. Field Placement Responsibilities: I am responsible, in collaboration with the school, to identify students and families that may be in need of case management services that would assist in improving their overall function and well-being. My tasks include creating and helping to accomplish goals with students and families, assisting in finding resources, along with creating opportunities for community engagement. Future Goals: My plans are to gain my license and become an LSW along with my certification in School Social Work. Department of Social Work

MSW Mia McLendon 2022 Agency Name: Diakon: The Lutheran Home at Topton Profile: My placement is Diakon: The Lutheran Home at Topton, a residential community for seniors. Diakon provides housing options and care for all levels of functionality within the elderly community, as well as resources and support for their families. Field Placement Responsibilities: As a social work intern at Diakon, my role is to build rapport with the residents so that I can assist them with their needs. We conduct Brief Interviews for Mental Status upon the admission of a new resident, as well as quarterly assessments of cognitive function. The social workers on site oversee integrating the therapy residents, and the necessary departments to plan for their successful rehabilitation and discharge. The goal is to connect the residents and their families to resources that will aid in their recovery and the ability (for some) to return to a safe and independent lifestyle. This is achieved by fostering connections between the residents, their families, the community, the social service staff, and other departments that work directly with the residents. Future Goals: In the future, I would like to be a Social Work Research Analyst and use the social work perspective to facilitate positive and restorative changes within the criminal justice system. Department of Social Work

MSW Khadijah McPherson 2022 Agency Name: Disability Services Office (DSO) Profile: The DSO assists the university in providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities who are members of the university community (students and employees) and who utilize the university facilities (guests and visitors). Field Placement Responsibilities: My role as an intern is to assist students who are on the spectrum with becoming independent in the college setting. As a My Place Mentor Intern my role is to facilitate the following activities: meet with students weekly to work on individual goals that may include executive function, time management, academic issues, social skills/needs, problem resolution, orientation to campus and resources, and independent college living/residence concerns. Future Goals: I would like to become a LCSW and practice therapy. I would also like to work with foster care youth and help them transition to higher education. Department of Social Work

MSW Judi MoBilio 2022 Agency Name: Compassus Hospice Profile: Compassus Hospice is focused on the choices, dignity and well-being of their patients. Compassionate care for those at the end of life, they believe, "The goal is not a good death. The goal is a good life—all the way to the very end. " Field Placement Responsibilities: My responsibilities include assessing the needs of the patients, interacting and advocating for the patients with other agencies, and interdisciplinary professionals. I provide counseling, education and information to the patients and their families, including bereavement services. I attend the weekly staff meetings and IDT meetings to discuss each patient and give an assessment on them. Future Goals: I hope to continue my work in the hospice field, and helping the patients and families that are dealing with end-of-life. Department of Social Work

MSW Kaitlin Muzzy 2022 Agency Name: Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley Profile: Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley is an organization that provides cost-free services to victims of crime, including counseling, court advocacy, support groups, victim compensation, and community outreach. This internship takes place in the victim advocacy department, working out of the Lehigh County Courthouse. Field Placement Responsibilities: Crime Victims Council has an office inside the District Attorney's office to educate victims about the criminal justice system, provide support, and advocate through court accompaniment. I work as a victim advocate in the courthouse and every day is different and exciting. I mainly work with adult court, but I also help with juvenile court. I am tasked with accompanying victims to court, writing case notes, identifying which cases have a victim to offer assistance, and having meetings with victims and their families for information about their case and support. This placement also requires knowledge about the criminal justice system, something I am learning now. Future Goals: My future goals are to continue to work in victim services and I also have an interest in community outreach. Department of Social Work

MSW Alyssa Oakley 2022 Agency Name: Valley Youth House THRIVE Profile: I am in my Advanced Level Year for my MSW and my placement is at the THRIVE program working with survivors of trafficking. THRIVE stands for transitional housing, resilience, independence, victorious, and empowerment. This housing program collaborates with drug and alcohol treatment, and provides mental and physical health care, meals, clothes, personal items, and assistance with employment. Field Placement Responsibilities: My role as an intern is to assist in everyday activities at the house, as well as engage in both individual and group therapy with the clients. I will support youth in developing plans to meet life goals to successfully reclaim their lives and have a place in the community. I will be responsible for keeping proper documentation of visitors, phone calls, incidents, and ChildLine reports. This internship will also include advocating for survivors of trafficking and completing research regarding trafficking in the United States. Future Goals: In the future, I hope to work in the criminal justice field as a social worker by assisting juveniles in need or helping previously incarcerated. Department of Social Work

MSW Michael Piora 2022 Agency Name: St. Luke's Weight Management Profile: St. Luke’s Weight Management department focuses on the patient’s own individual weight loss journey and giving them the support and guidance to ensure the post effective and safe weight loss journey. I am primarily in the surgical department, but also engage with the non- surgical weight loss program. St. Luke’s really focuses on the individual person and what would be best for them. Field Placement Responsibilities: My responsibilities for the field placement is to sit in with my supervisor on intakes and follow up appointments with patients to try and pinpoint areas of focus to ensure they are the most successful after surgery. I also have the chance to work on the social media groups in the surgical, surgical group’s fitness challenge, and non- surgical groups, Wednesday Wellness which helps provide extra support and topics that interest the patients. I also have the chance to reach out to other therapy and psychiatry agencies to help refer the patients out who may need the extra support or diagnoses to continue with the surgical process. Future Goals: Medical Social worker in either organ donation or oncology. Department of Social Work

MSW Michael Posivak 2022 Agency Name: Caron Treatment Wernersville, Pa Profile: To provide intensive structured treatment for substance use disorder including detox and mental health issues in a residential care facility. The field assignment will focus on aspects of assessment, treatment goals, coping strategies, and discharge plans including aftercare recommendations. Field Placement Responsibilities: At Caron, I act in the role of a counselor/primary therapist in the family education program and in the men`s treatment programs. I am responsible for the co-facilitation of the family education program. Additionally, I facilitate biopsychosocial assessments for incoming patients as well as cofacilitating patient groups and updating the patient’s treatment plans and session notes. Future Goals: My future goals are to do exactly what I am doing now as a primary therapist to the substance abuse population while working towards my Licensed Clinical Social Worker License. Department of Social Work

MSW Katherine Poupos 2022 Agency Name: Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth Profile: The agency is a child welfare agency and its focus is to ensure safety, permanency, and well-being of children. Field Placement Responsibilities: My field placement responsibilities are within the truancy unit. The truancy unit provides services to families who are experiencing truancy within the school district for their school-aged children. I will learn policies, laws, and regulations in relation to truancy and child welfare. I will observe court hearings, home visits, screen truancy referrals and may have the opportunity to complete a full assessment of a truancy referral. Future Goals: My future goals are to finally graduate this Spring with my MSW and hopefully obtain my LSW. I would like to continue my career in child welfare and move up throughout the agency to a supervisor role. Department of Social Work

MSW Bo-Khier Raybon 2022 Agency Name: Hunterdon Behavioral Health (HBH) Profile: HBH is a department through Hunterdon Health that offers comprehensive mental health and addictions services to individuals and families in Hunterdon County, NJ and surrounding areas. Field Placement Responsibilities: I am the social work intern at Day Hospital which is a partial hospitalization program that offers support to individuals with severe and persistent mental health. My responsibilities include attending and facilitating group therapy, providing case management and individual counseling. I am also interning at Outpatient Psychological Services (OPS). OPS provides therapeutic counseling to individuals/families/couples faced with "depression, anxiety, sexuality, abuse, or interpersonal conflicts". As the intern for OPS, I will participate in psychosocial assessments, offer linkage to local services, and engage in committee meetings run by Hunterdon Health. Future Goals: After graduating with my master's degree, I plan on taking the licensure exam to obtain my LSW. I want to continue my career in the mental health sector and works towards my LCSW. Department of Social Work