Council of Trustees Handbook

MARKET ANALYSIS Competitors include all two- and four-year postsecondary institutions as well as trade schools. Financial Aid Optimization: The positive enrollment results of PASSHE Schools (Bloomsburg, Slippery Rock) who consulted with a SEM Consultant provides evidence to support this initiative. ANTICIPATED EXPENDITURE • Start-up investment for Financial Aid Optimization, Pittsburgh Promise, Common Application • Increased costs for recruitment travel • Increased investment in institutional aid ANTICIPATED REVENUE • Additional new, graduate and continuing education student enrollment would generate approximately $5M over 2 years STARTUP INVESTMENT REQUIRED AND HOW FUNDED • Financial Aid Optimization: $60,000 – Funded by University funds SYSTEM IMPLICATIONS This initiative will put KU (as usual) in direct competition with other PASSHE Schools A coordinated effort between PASSHE schools who would accept students who are denied from another PASSHE school would assist in ‘keeping’ some students in the System instead of them going to other postsecondary schools.