Council of Trustees Handbook

KU Goal Strategy_Academic Planning 2020 and Goals January.pdf 71
Kutztown University: 71
Academic Planning Outlook 71
Please list new credentials (degrees, credit-bearing certificates) you plan to add over the planning period and a brief rationale for why this credential and why your university 71
Please list credentialing programs being considered for moratorium over the planning period and a brief rationale (add cells as needed) 75
What cross-university program opportunities would benefit your students/university, e.g., credentialing programs you want to offer but cannot acting independently, providing students access to programs/courses not available at the university, new program opportunities that would benefit from a multi-university approach 75
KU Goal Strategy_Comprehensive Campaign.pdf 76
Kutztown University Goal Strategy 76
Rationale 76
Supporting Initiatives 76
Supporting Partnerships 76
Market Analysis 76
Anticipated Expenditure 76
KUF has established a budget for internal purposes during the silent phase of the campaign. 76
Anticipated Revenue 77
Startup Investment Required and How Funded 77
System Implications 77
Each system university contributes to the overall successes of the PASSHE system. The KUF comprehensive campaign will contribute to the overall ability of the university to fund many scholarships and projects, as well as, build even stronger alumni relations and partnerships. The success of the campaign will strengthen both KU and the PASSHE system. 77
KU Goal Strategy_Financial Sustainability.pdf 78
Kutztown University Goal Strategy 78
Rationale 78
Supporting Initiatives 78
Supporting Partnerships 78
Market Analysis 78
Anticipated Expenditure 78
Anticipated Revenue 78
Startup Investment Required and How Funded 79
System Implications 79
KU Goal Strategy_Financial Sustainability.pdf 80
Kutztown University Goal Strategy 80
Rationale 80
Supporting Initiatives 80
Supporting Partnerships 80
Market Analysis 80
Anticipated Expenditure 80
Anticipated Revenue 80
Startup Investment Required and How Funded 81
System Implications 81
KU Goal Strategy_Persistence.pdf 82
Kutztown University Goal Strategy 82
Rationale 82
Supporting Initiatives 82
Supporting Partnerships 82
Market Analysis 83
Anticipated Expenditure 83
Anticipated Revenue 83
Startup Investment Required and How Funded 83
System Implications 83
Each system university contributes to the overall successes of the PASSHE system. Investing in initiatives to increase persistence to years two, three and four, and, ultimately, timely graduation strengthens not only the university enrollment and financial status, but contributes to the overall health and brand of PASSHE. 83
KU Goal Strategy_Recruitment.pdf 84
Kutztown University Goal Strategy 84
Rationale 84
Supporting Initiatives 84
Supporting Partnerships 84
Market Analysis 85
Anticipated Expenditure 85
Anticipated Revenue 85
Startup Investment Required and How Funded 85
System Implications 85
This initiative will put KU (as usual) in direct competition with other PASSHE Schools 85
A coordinated effort between PASSHE schools who would accept students who are denied from another PASSHE school would assist in ‘keeping’ some students in the System instead of them going to other postsecondary schools. 85
KUF Volunteer Checklist.pdf 179
Give to Together, We’re Golden — The Campaign for KU* 179
Network 179
Cultivate 179
Attend 179
Inspire 179
Yes, I would like to join the campaign for Kutztown University! 179
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Or mail to: 179
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