Council of Trustees Handbook

SECTION II. STANDING COMMITTEES The Chairperson of the Council of Trustees shall appoint members and designate chairpersons for each of the standing committees. Ex-officio, nonvoting members shall attend each committee as determined by the President. Council Committee on Academic and Student Affairs Purpose: To keep Trustees informed about academic and student affairs programs and activities, and to review and approve new programs and/ or new or renewal of articulation agreements, if and when appropriate. Function: a. To examine and discuss the University’s academic and student affairs activities and programs, as well as supporting policies. b. To review the process of periodic program evaluation and accreditation. c. To review, provide input into the planning process, and present to the Council for consideration the University’s strategic plan. Council Committee on Finance, Property and Audit Purpose: To assist the Council of Trustees in fulfilling its responsibility for the oversight of the quality and in- tegrity of the accounting, auditing, and reporting practices of the University. Function: a. To review and discuss the University’s financial management system and supporting policies. b. To discuss the University’s current and proposed budget and any anticipated fee additions/ changes or major expenditures and to make related recommendations to the Council as appropriate. c. To review the Facilities Master Plan, including examination and discussion of maintenance, renovation and capital construction needs. d. To review current financial operations through examination of financial reports. Council Committee on Human Diversity Purpose: To enhance the Trustees’ awareness and support of and participation in the Kutztown University commitment to Human Diversity. Function: a. To review and discuss the University’s diversity programs, services, and activities that support the recruitment and retention of social equity group members. (These groups are primarily identified by race, ethnicity, cultural, gender, ability and sexual orientation.) b. To provide input into the planning process and the ongoing development of services to ensure access and equal opportunity for people historically underrepresented at Kutztown University. c. To continue to support and enhance the development of appropriate strategies to obtain the goals of the programs. d. To facilitate communication between and among other appropriate Council committees in their respective oversight roles relating to the mission and vision of Human Diversity. Council Committee on University Relations and Development Purpose: To inform Trustees about the University activities in public relations and community affairs and to provide a vehicle to enhance the Trustee participation in University fundraising through the Kutztown University Foundation and related development activities.