Council of Trustees Handbook

9/16/2020 Act of Jul. 1, 2020,P.L. 558, No. 50 Cl. 24 - PUBLIC SCHOOL CODE OF 1949 - OMNIBUS AMENDMENTS 9/11 adjustment under section [120] 2003-A.1(c.3), on a competitive bid basis [and]. Contracts to purchase instructional, educational, extracurricular, technical, administrative, custodial and maintenance equipment and supplies not in excess of a cost of a base amount of eighteen thousand five hundred dollars ($18,500), subject to adjustment under section [120] 2003-A.1(c.3), may be procured, without competitive bidding, except that such items shall not be bought in series to avoid the dollar ceiling. (11) To cooperate with and accept grants and assistance from Federal and State agencies, local governments or other political subdivisions, foundations, corporations, or any other source for any of the lawful purposes of the institution. Each institution shall have the power to bank and use such grants as directed by the grantor and subject to the limitations of this act[, except that grants and assistance from sources other than State agencies, local governments or other political subdivisions shall not be subject to the provisions of clause (10)]. All moneys received from sources authorized by this section are hereby appropriated to each of the several institutions granted such moneys. All such moneys shall be subject to audit by the Auditor General. (12) To authorize personnel to travel within or without the Commonwealth at institutional expense [in accordance with regulations of the council]. (13) Within the limitations of the operating budget and other available funds, to enter into contracts for consultative service [not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000) per contract]. (14) To enter into contracts [in accordance with policies of the council,] to enable students to engage in student teaching or other training in order to obtain experience in a particular field. * * * Section 8. Sections 2011-A and 2017-A of the act are amended to read: Section 2011-A. Rental Fees and Other Charges.--(a) In addition to rental fees fixed, charged and collected in the manner provided by law from each student residing in State-owned or State-leased residential facilities at an institution for the maintenance and operation of such facilities, a sum shall be fixed by the president, with approval of the Council of Trustees, and charged and collected from each such person as an additional rental fee. Such additional rental fees shall be credited to a Reserve Fund for contingencies and capital replacements. [(b) In addition to the other fees from time to time fixed, charged and collected in the manner provided by law, a fee of ten dollars ($10) per semester of eighteen (18) weeks and a proportionate fee for each trimester, quarter, term and summer sessions of six (6) weeks or three (3) weeks shall be fixed, charged and collected from each student while in attendance at a university for which the General State Authority has taken title to a student community building, which fee shall be credited to the Department of General Services and shall be fixed by the council of trustees in amounts sufficient to meet rentals due to the General State Authority, pursuant to contracts to lease student community buildings constructed by the said authority for the use of the system universities. Section 2017-A. Annual Report.--(a) An annual report shall be submitted in electronic format by each institution to the Department of Education and the Joint State Government Commission, which shall include data for all programs of the institution. Each such report, to be submitted prior to September 1, shall cover the 12-month period beginning with the summer term of the preceding year and shall include: (1) The following counts and distributions for each term during the period: