Council of Trustees Handbook

Whereas, the Council of Trustees of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is a body of the State System of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and Whereas, the Council of Trustees is desirous of establishing a set of rules to regulate its governance for the purpose of expediting the faithful discharge of its statutorily conferred duties; and COUNCIL OF TRUSTEES BYLAWS AND REGULATIONS (Revised March 2021) Whereas, 24 P.S. 20-2009-A (11) authorizes the Council of Trustees to take such action as may be necessary to perform its expressly delegated power; Now therefore, the Council of Trustees of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, this 26th day of October 1989, does hereby enact and establish the following bylaws. ARTICLE I - POWERS AND DUTIES ARTICLE II - MEMBERSHIP ARTICLE III - MEETINGS ARTICLE IV - QUORUM ARTICLE V - OFFICERS ARTICLE VI - COMMITTEES ARTICLE VII - HEAD OF THE INSTITUTION ARTICLE VIII - RULES AND REGULATIONS ARTICLE I – POWERS AND DUTIES SECTION I. POWERS AND DUTIES As delineated in Act 188, Section 2009-A, the responsibilities of the Council of Trustees include the following: 1. To make recommendations to the Chancellor for the appointment and retention of the President following consultation with students, faculty, staff and alumni. 2. To assist the President in developing proper relations and understanding between the institution and its programs and the public in order to serve the interests and needs of both. 3. To make recommendations to the Chancellor for the dismissal of the President. 4. To review and provide input to the President pertaining to policies and procedures governing the use of institutional facilities and property. 5. To approve schools and academic programs. 6. To review and approve the recommendations of the President pertaining to annual operating and capital budget requirements for forwarding to the Board of Governors. 7. To review and approve recommendations for charges for tuition, and to approve room and board and other fees except student activity fees and any fees related to the provision of contracted health services. 8. To review all contracts and purchases negotiated or awarded by the President including any contracts or purchase reports with or without competitive bidding and all contracts for consultative services entered into by the President.