Council of Trustees Handbook

Page 17 of 22 2003-A.1(c.3), may be procured, without competitive bidding, except that such items shall not be bought in series to avoid the dollar ceiling. ((10.1) amended July 1, 2020, P.L.558, No.50) (11) To cooperate with and accept grants and assistance from Federal and State agencies, local governments or other political subdivisions, foundations, corporations, or any other source for any of the lawful purposes of the institution. Each institution shall have the power to bank and use such grants as directed by the grantor and subject to the limitations of this act. All moneys received from sources authorized by this section are hereby appropriated to each of the several institutions granted such moneys. All such moneys shall be subject to audit by the Auditor General. ((11) amended July 1, 2020, P.L.558, No.50) (12) To authorize personnel to travel within or without the Commonwealth at institutional expense. ((12) amended July 1, 2020, P.L.558, No.50) (13) Within the limitations of the operating budget and other available funds, to enter into contracts for consultative service. ((13) amended July 1, 2020, P.L.558, No.50) (14) To enter into contracts to enable students to engage in student teaching or other training in order to obtain experience in a particular field. ((14) amended July 1, 2020, P.L.558, No.50) (15) To employ or contract for the necessary institutional services consistent with policies and procedures established by the board. (16) Consistent with the policies of the board to do and perform all of those other things necessary and required for the orderly operation of the institution. Compiler's Note: See section 34 of Act 82 of 2012 in the appendix to this act for special provisions relating to applicability. Compiler's Note: Section 5 of Act 97 of 2011, which amended par. (10), provided that Act 97 shall apply to contracts and purchases advertised on or after January 1 of the year following the effective date of section 5. SECTION 2011-A. RENTAL FEES AND OTHER CHARGES (a) In addition to rental fees fixed, charged and collected in the manner provided by law from each student residing in State-owned or State-leased residential facilities at an institution for the maintenance and operation of such facilities, a sum shall be fixed by the president, with approval of the Council of Trustees, and charged and collected from each such person as an additional rental fee. Such additional rental fees shall be credited to a Reserve Fund for contingencies and capital replacements. (b) ((b) deleted by amendment). (2011-A amended July 1, 2020, P.L.558, No.50) Section 2012-A. Diplomas and Certificates The board shall prescribe minimum standards for graduation from the system. Each graduate shall receive such diploma as the board shall prescribe. The system shall be authorized to grant baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degrees as limited by section 2003-A for successful completion of prescribed courses of study and such other certificates and degrees as the board may authorize. (2012-A amended July 1, 1985, P.L.103, No.31)