Council of Trustees Handbook

Page 8 of 22 taxing power of the Commonwealth, nor shall any of its obligations or debts be deemed to be obligations of the Commonwealth, nor shall the Commonwealth be liable for the payment of principal or interest on such obligations. Nothing herein shall empower the Board of Governors or the chancellor to take or receive any moneys, goods or other property, real or personal, which is given or granted to specific institutions. (c) Collective bargaining agreements in force at the time of enactment of this act shall remain in force for the term of the contract. New collective bargaining agreements with professional employes shall be negotiated on behalf of the system by the chancellor. The board shall make a coalition bargaining arrangement with the Commonwealth for the negotiation of new collective bargaining agreements with noninstructional employes. (d) The system may participate in, sponsor, conduct or administer cooperative use or purchasing agreements. All purchases and agreements made pursuant to this subsection shall be made in accordance with 62 Pa.C.S. § 1902 (relating to cooperative purchasing authorized). ((d) amended July 1, 2020, P.L.558, No.50) (2003-A amended July 11, 1990, P.L.424, No.103) SECTION 2003-A.1. PROJECT CONTRACTS (a) The State System of Higher Education is hereby authorized to execute and administer contracts for construction, repair, renovation and maintenance projects within the meaning of section 2401.1 of the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.177, No.175), known as "The Administrative Code of 1929," including all aspects of project management, design and construction and legal and administrative services related to and necessary for the completion of such projects, except capital projects which are funded by Commonwealth general obligation bonds, capital appropriations or pursuant to Article XVI-B of the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.343, No.176), known as "The Fiscal Code," unless delegated by the Department of General Services to the system. (b) The system shall review the work, experience and qualifications of architects and engineers seeking contracts from the system under this section and, on the basis of merit, select and appoint architects and engineers for the design, contract administration and, at the system's discretion, inspection of a project authorized by this section. The board shall give public notice in the manner provided by law of projects which require the services of architects and engineers. The board shall include, but not be limited to, consideration of the following factors in the selection of architects and engineers: (1) equitable distribution of contracts among qualified architects and engineers; (2) capability to perform the design and construction services for the contract being considered; (3) geographic proximity of the architect or engineer to the proposed facility; (4) ability of the architect or engineer to furnish the necessary available manpower to perform the services required by the project; and (5) any other related circumstances peculiar to the proposed contract (c) ((c) deleted by amendment June 30, 2012, P.L.684, No.82) (c.1) ((c.1) deleted by amendment June 30, 2012, P.L.684, No.82) (c.2) All contracts, other than contracts for the retention of architects and engineers, authorized by this section which exceed a base amount of eighteen thousand five hundred dollars ($18,500), subject to adjustment under subsection (c.3), shall be advertised in the manner provided by law and competitively bid and awarded to the lowest responsible