Council of Trustees Handbook

Objective 2 _______________________________ Maintain a balanced budget without the use of cash reserves. Key Results: – Annual operating expenses are aligned with annual recurring revenues within the E&G and Auxiliary operations. Objective 3 _______________________________ Attain financial sustainability (Green) as defined by PASSHE System Redesign Key Results: – Annualized FTE Enrollment levels is increasing or remaining stable (Less than 2% decrease in past two years). – Annual Operating Margin is 2% or higher, or trending upward (as measured by a 3-year moving average). – Primary Reserve Ratio is 40% or higher (as measured by a 3-year moving average). – University Minimum Reserves are greater than or equal to 180 days cash on hand. Objective 4 _______________________________ The Kutztown University Foundation will conduct a comprehensive campaign. Key Results: – Kutztown University Foundation raises $6M+ annually, through 2023. Objective 5 _______________________________ Enhance university campus through capital projects and environmental sustainability initiatives Key Results: – University mission and organizational structure efficiently aligned meeting structural and evolving needs, by fall 2021. – Begin de Francesco renovations in FY 21/22. – Begin Poplar House/Welcome Center renovations in FY 21/22. – Begin New Academic Building (Lytle) renovations in FY 23/24. – Develop a comprehensive environmental sustainability plan by 2024. Objective 6 _______________________________ Ensure that a Kutztown University education remains affordable. Key Results: – Investment in institutionally funded scholarships increases from $2.5M to $12M.