Council of Trustees Handbook

APPENDIX G DATE: January 11, 2024 TO: KU Council of Trustees Members FROM: Pam Rex RE: Office of the President State Ethics Commission: Statement of Financial Interests DUE BY MAY 1, 2024 All Board and Commission members are required under the Public Official and Employee Ethics Law to file Statement of Financial Interests annually (See C. Status Block C – Public Official on back side of form). The State Ethics Commission forwards the following statements to our office for you to complete and file. Filers may use the online filing system at the State Ethics Commission’s website: Please note that a paper copy may still be required to be submitted to your filing location. Filers should check with their filing location for requirements. Questions may be directed to me or the State Ethics Commission by calling 1-800-932-0936 or 717-783-1610. If you would like me to return the forms on your behalf, please send me your statement prior to the filing deadline. If you need a photocopy for your records, let me know and I will send a photocopy to you.