Tower-Summer 2019

N ationally recognized as a destination for future leaders in art, design, media, music and communications, KU’s College of Visual and Performing Arts includes more than 100 celebrated faculty and 10 campus and local galleries. With countless internships and close proximity to New York City and Philadelphia, the university has become the ideal incubator for careers in the arts. Painters Katya Popova ’11 and Alicia Puig ’12 met at Eckhaus, a student-run art gallery once cocooned in the center of Kutztown’s Main Street. Popova was the student director, scheduling exhibitions and arranging openings. Puig was a volunteer who eventually moved on to direct her own gallery on KU’s campus. The two became fast friends, bonding over their creative passions, as well as their interest in showing emerging artists. Now, a decade later, they work together on Create! Magazine , a bimonthly indie publication that promotes the fresh, unique work of talent from around the world. “At Kutztown, I was spoiled because I had this awesome job at Eckhaus,” Popova explained. “Then, when I graduated, I missed it so much. I loved working with artists but there were no paid opportunities at the time.” So the KU grad took matters into her own hands and in 2017 launched Create! Magazine . “I realized that I needed to start my own thing because no one was coming to save me,” she said. About the same time, Puig was taking a different route, pursuing a master’s degree in art history that helped her land a job at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery in Philadelphia. As Create! gained traction, however, Puig began writing for the magazine and by 2018, became a full-time member of the team. “Don’t give in to imposter syndrome. Be confident in your abilities and trust that you’ll figure it out.” – KATYA POPOVA ’11 Living Your Dream… KU Alumni Make their Mark on the Art World Artists, Friends and a Magazine BY KATELYN SILVA 20 TOWER | SUMMER 2019