MSW Field Profiles 2021-22

MSW Christine Gonzalez 2021 Agency Name: Battleborne Profile: I am Christine Gonzalez, a 33 - year - old single mother pursuing my master's degree in social work at Kutztown University. My internship is at a non - profit organization in Lehigh Valley called Battleborne. Battleborne helps people who have served our country: providing support directly and indirectly in collaboration with others in the community who values veterans. Field Placement Responsibilities: As an intern at Battleborne, my response would be to provide the support and services that the client is seeking. We can provide services in - house or in collaboration with others in our community who value those who have served this nation and its communities. The objective is to connect veterans with the resources needed to recover from mental, emotional, and physical trauma so they can restore their lives and reintegrate into society. We achieve this through a collaborative effort of like - minded individuals and organizations by leveraging internal and external resources to assist veterans in our community. Future Goals: My future goal is to enhance my knowledge of education within the mental health field. With all my knowledge and experiences, I would advocate for the clients to provide a better life. Department of Social Work