_______________________ Please be informed that all candidates for degrees, and all honors designated for degrees earned are determined according to the academic record that includes the student’s last semester, which ended yesterday. Since final examinations have just been completed, the final record of transcript is not yet determined. A student’s receipt of degree and the declaration of related honors must be confirmed and validated by the final transcript. In all cases, the actual awarding of a degree by the university is subject to verification by the Registrar. Time limitations associated with commencement make such verification before this ceremony impossible. Therefore, these exercises are to be considered as ceremonial only. A few of today’s candidates made more progress than they had anticipated, and finished the requirements for the degree after the commencement program went to print. Although their names do not appear in this program, they will be announced with those of their classmates. _______________________ The views or opinions expressed by the guest speakers are their own and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Kutztown University. During the commencement ceremony, individual names will be read. In consideration of those who follow, please refrain from applauding until names have been read for all students receiving particular degrees. __________________________ Special thanks to the many KU faculty, staff and students who worked together to ensure the success of this special day for the December 2021 graduates.