* cum laude ** magna cum laude *** summa cum laude ∆ Honors Program # Student completed all requirements for a double major. § Student completed all requirements for a triple major. + Student completed all requirements for a dual degree. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration _________________ SUMMER: Bryce Ethan Carter (Accounting) Shiyi Ding (Accounting)** + Kayla Denise Holland (Finance) Dominic A. Johnson (Management) Matthew Malitsky (Finance & Supply Chain Management)*** # Kerri Marie McKenna (Accounting) Shawn Thomas O'Donnell (Management) Sage Christian Rizzo (Marketing) Carlos Alberto Rojas (Marketing) Kelly Ann Sarbaugh (Marketing) Macey Elizabeth White (Management) John Darrell Williams (Management) FALL: Jadesola Cecilia Alatishe (Finance)***∆ Tyler James Anderson (Finance) Haley L. Andreas (Accounting) Sarah Frances Baylor (Finance, Human Resource Management & Management)* § Jayden Thomas Edward Beckett (Finance) Tracey Vaniessa Bien-Aime (Management & Marketing) # Riley D. Birchard (Management) Tyler James Boger (Management)*** Tyler C. Borg (Management & Supply Chain Management)* # Erica Bottjer (Marketing)*** Sebastian D. Buckley (Accounting)*** Kevin A. Cannon (Accounting)*** + Kassidy Jillian Cunningham (Finance & Management)** # Joseph Fantacone (Marketing) Tyler C. Foster (Management) Cheyenne Skye Gerow (Management)* + Mackenzie A. Hoffman (Management)* Tu Bang Huynh (Accounting & Finance)*** # Paul D. Iannace (Accounting) Tyler Joseph James (Human Resource Management & Management) # Timothy L. Kiedeisch (Accounting) Garrett David King (Marketing) Anthony Kleckner (Management) Nathan Tyler Kranzley (Accounting) Ryan Scott Lafferty (Human Resource Management & Management) # Minh Trung Le (Marketing) Angel Lebron (Management) Morgan Elizabeth Lilly (Management)* Mykhi Evette Lopez (Finance) Alexis Marchut (Marketing) Ryan Phillip Meyers (Management & Supply Chain Management) # Peter Muccie (Marketing) Alexis Ayesha Murray (Management) Austin Tyler Noll (Management) Matthew Daniel Nonnemaker (Marketing) Nina Ariel Padilla (Management) Desiree Dheimah Pannah (Management & Marketing) # Joseph W. Parker (Management) Nolan Prevoznik (Management) Kenneth Paul Pugh III (Marketing) Corey Queen (Accounting) Connor Redcay (Marketing) Jillian D. Reich (Marketing) Madison Olivia Saykay (Marketing) Zachary Mark Schukraft (Management) Joao Pedro E G Simoes (Accounting & Finance)*** # Aishwarya Singh (Marketing) David Isiah Singletary (Finance & Management) # Branden William Sircus (Management) Julia Smale (Management) Aaron Luke Springer (Marketing)** Andrew Michael Sulon (Accounting)** Justin Carl Telemaque (Management) + Christopher James Thomas (Marketing) Joseph Michael Thompson (Finance & Management) # Moses J. Ulysse (Management) COLLEGE of BUSINESS Candidates for Degrees Anne Carroll, Ph.D., Dean Soojin Kim, Ph.D., Marshal