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Summer 2015




budget, planning and personnel, where he oversaw all aspects

of academic affairs, including contract administration, sum-

mer session and curriculum. Previously, he was associate dean

of the College of Fine Arts and Communication and chair

of the Department of Communication.

“Dr. Hawkinson has had a long and impressive academic

career,” said Board of Governors Chair Guido M. Pichini ’74.

“Starting out as a member of the faculty, he rose through

the ranks at Western Illinois to become a key member of

the administration. With his knowledge and experience, we

are confident he will be an excellent leader for Kutztown


As provost at Western Illinois, Hawkinson was responsible

for areas including university planning, fiscal and enrollment

management, curriculum and contract negotiations. He

implemented significant changes to the university’s First

Year Experience program, which resulted in a nearly 10

percent increase in the fall-to-spring retention rate.

“Dr. Hawkinson is a hands-on leader who understands

every aspect of the campus community,” said State System

Chancellor Frank T. Brogan. “He will be a good leader for

Kutztown and a valuable addition to our outstanding cadre

of presidents. I look forward to working with him.”

Hawkinson said he is “honored” to be named the next presi-

dent of Kutztown University.

“My wife, Ann Marie, and I are very excited about joining

the university community and becoming active citizens of

the town and region,” he said. “I am impressed with the

passion and dedication of the students, faculty, staff, alumni

and the many others connected with the university, and look

forward to meeting with these many groups.”

“We are extremely pleased to have Kenneth Hawkinson as

the 12th president in the long and storied history of Kutztown

University,” said John “Jack”Wabby ’68, chair of the KU

Council of Trustees and of the presidential search committee.

“Dr. Hawkinson brings a strong combination of administra-

tive experience and academic credentials and a record of proven

success to our campus. He has valuable life experiences that

have helped to mold him into the leader he is today. He is

truly an outstanding fit for Kutztown University at this time

and is the best person to guide our university into our next

chapter. We feel very fortunate to land a candidate of his


Hawkinson earned his bachelor’s degree in history from

Western Illinois. He also has a Master of Arts in speech

communication from the institution and a Ph.D. in speech

communication/performance studies from Southern Illinois

University. He was a Fulbright scholar from 1990-91, dur-

ing which he taught American studies at the University of

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, in West Africa, and conducted

research in African folklore and oral tradition. He also served

for two years as a volunteer in the Peace Corps in Mali.

“We are extremely

pleased to have Kenneth

Hawkinson as the 12th

president in the long and

storied history of

Kutztown University,”

— John “Jack” Wabby ’68,

chair, KU Council of Trustees

Top: Hawkinson and his wife Ann

Marie Hayes-Hawkinson enter the

MSU to be introduced to the KU

community in March. Center:

Hawkinson meets KU’s most prominent

resident, Avalanche. Bottom: Hawkinson

is welcomed by Guido M. Pichini ’74,

chair of the State System Board of

Governors and member of the KU

Council of Trustees.

the principalS

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Keystone state

normal school

John S. ermentrout

Principal, 1866—1871

abraham r. horne

Principal, 1872—1877

nathan c. Schaeffer

Principal, 1877—1893

george B. hancher

Principal, 1893—1899

amos c. rothermel

Principal, 1899—1928

Kutztown state

teachers College

amos c. rothermel

President, 1928—1934

Quincy a. w. rorhbach

President, 1934—1959

Kutztown state


italo defrancesco

President, 1959—1967

cyrus e. Beekey

President, 1967—1969

lawrence M. Stratton

President, 1969—1983

Kutztown university

lawrence M. Stratton

President, 1983—1987

david e. Mcfarland

President, 1988—2002

f. Javier cevallos

President, 2002—2014

Kenneth S. hawkinson

President, 2015