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Summer 2015

Kathy Miller ’99

is a recipient of the

President’s Volunteer Service Award

in recognition and appreciation of her

commitment to strengthening our

nation and for making a difference

through volunteer service. She also

received the Celebrate Literacy Award

from the Northeastern Pennsylvania

Reading Association, which recognizes

organizations, institutions and individu-

als that have made significant literacy

contributions. Her third book,


Chipmunk: Friends in the Garden,”


a Gold Mom’s Choice Award.

Shawn Proctor M’99,

a staff writer at

Villanova University, published three

short stories in 2013:

“Just a Perfect



“Summer’s Edge”


Elephant’s Bookshelf Press;





; and

“Ghost Fleet”


“Our Haunted World”

from Whitlock

Publishing. Most recently, he published



“Lycan Lore”

from Source

Point Press.

The 2000s

Timothy Coyle ’00,

former physician

and associate professor who completed

a three year fellowship at the University

of Connecticut Hospital and Medical

School, has joined the medical staff

at Lehigh Valley Health Network as a

pulmonary and critical care physician.

Earlier in his medical career Coyle

served his internal care residency at

Lehigh Valley Hospital, where he was

also chief resident of medicine.

Joanne Reinert ’01

was named an

agent with the Wyomissing office of

Coldwell Banker Select Professionals.

She will coordinate operations and

assist in customer service.

Jennifer (Gilbert) Goss ’02

was inducted

into the National Youth Congress’s

Academy of Achievement, which

honors alumni of the Pony Club who

have attained outstanding achieve-

ments in their chosen fields. In 2012,

Goss produced the Emmy-nominated,

award-winning film,

“Misa’s Fugue,”

which tells the extraordinary story of

Holocaust survivor Frank Grunwald.

Goss is from the Berks Pony Club in

Eastern Pa., and serves on the club’s


Thomas Jones ’02

was officially sworn

into the Carbon County Bar Association

during a ceremony in the Court of

Common Pleas.

Jason Mininger ’02

started Aldus Brewing

Company in Hanover, Pa., with Jeff

Groves. Mininger and Groves opened

up the business in the old Snyder’s of

Hanover pretzel factory on Centennial

Avenue, where they have their brewing

operations as well as a pub that can

hold about 40 people.

Ryan Smoker ’04

along with Ryan

Martin teamed up to create the Infan-

tree, a successful brand experience

firm that seeks to combine design with

business strategy. The firm has worked

with some 180 brands, with about 50

clients in downtown Lancaster. The firm

also released the satirical board game,

“Creative Clash,” in which players helm

their own creative agency and compete

to inflate their egos.

Justin Vanning ’04,

senior manager of

marketing and growth at

(a tech-startup), currently manages all

marketing efforts on the home profes-

sional side of the business and manages

a team of marketers focused on acquir-

ing, educating, onboarding and retaining

home professional customers.

Jared Butler ’05

joined the Business

Development Department for the

northeast region of the South Coast

Improvement Company, a design-

build general contractor serving New

England and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Based in South Coast Improvement’s

Reading, Pa., office, Butler will be part

of the business development team and

the company’s efforts to retain new

construction and renovation projects

throughout the region.

Kristi Gage-Linderman ’05

is president

of the Greater Reading Young Profes-

sionals and executive vice president

of Gage Personnel in West Reading.

Members of the organization work to show

20-somethings that the Reading, Pa.,

area is a great place to live, work and play.

Shaun Powell ’05

was promoted corporal

of the Bethlehem Township Police


Andre Reed ’05,

NFL Hall of Famer, had

East Allentown’s Irving Street Park re-

named after him, along with the field at

J. Birney Crum Stadium. Reed was also

the keynote speaker at the Danny E.

Khalouf Scholarship Memorial Banquet.

Julie Santomero ’06

has been pro-

moted to vice president of packaging

with Jay Franco & Sons, Inc., N.Y. Her

responsibilities include working with

licensors, retailers and international

factories to establish cohesive and

unique packaging. Santomero previ-

ously worked with Marvel Entertainment,

N.Y., as a graphic designer.

Joshua Zimmerman ’06

was hired as

the softball coach for Northwestern

Lehigh School District. Zimmerman is

a teacher at the Lehigh County Career

and Technical Institute.

Kathy Meck ’07,

director of development

for the Bethesda Project, served as

co-creator and overseer of the Sweet

and Savory Battle Against Hunger, her

organization’s chief contribution to

National Hunger and Homelessness

Awareness Week.

Daniel Roe ’07,

director of education

at the York County Heritage Trust, was

featured as the York Civil War Round

Table’s featured speaker at a monthly

meeting. He presented a talk on


Miller and the American Civil War.”


has been with the York County Heritage

Trust serving in various positions within

the Trust’s education department.