Council of Trustees Handbook

MARKET ANALYSIS Currently, KU’s first-year retention rate sits at 74% and the persistence/continuation rate is 64%. Although these rates are reflective of the current PASSHE average, meeting the goals outlined will contribute to increased overall enrollment and stronger financial health for KU. ANTICIPATED EXPENDITURE • Course release for Undergraduate Research Coordinator: approximately $13,000 per year • Course release for Frederick Douglass Institute Director: approximately $13,000 per year • KU BEARS Stipends for Students: $50,000 • Budget for 35 SIs: $29,767.00 • Course release for Early Intervention Team: approximately $13,000 per employee per term • New text messaging system: $50,000 per year • STARS: $ 0 • PROFS: • Estimated annual scholarships for housing over breaks: $22,500 • Estimated annual scholarships for room/board during the academic year: $50,000 • Estimated annual scholarships for Fostering Independence: $3,000 per year 15 Students: $45,000 • AIMS: Estimated annual program expense: $7,000 ANTICIPATED REVENUE Additional revenues will be realized as part of increased tuition dollars as a result of increased overall enrollment. STARTUP INVESTMENT REQUIRED AND HOW FUNDED Initiatives will be funded through grant, foundation and university funds. SYSTEM IMPLICATIONS Each system university contributes to the overall successes of the PASSHE system. Investing in initiatives to increase persistence to years two, three and four, and, ultimately, timely graduation strengthens not only the university enrollment and financial status, but contributes to the overall health and brand of PASSHE.