Council of Trustees Handbook

PLEASE LIST CREDENTIALING PROGRAMS BEING CONSIDERED FOR MORATORIUM OVER THE PLANNING PERIOD AND A BRIEF RATIONALE (ADD CELLS AS NEEDED) Credential Brief Rationale Considerations in progress of consolidation of middle level with special education dual certification degrees and some secondary education dual certification due to changes in legislation for special education. Conversations to consider other programs are in process. WHAT CROSS-UNIVERSITY PROGRAM OPPORTUNITIES WOULD BENEFIT YOUR STUDENTS/UNIVERSITY, E.G., CREDENTIALING PROGRAMS YOU WANT TO OFFER BUT CANNOT ACTING INDEPENDENTLY, PROVIDING STUDENTS ACCESS TO PROGRAMS/COURSES NOT AVAILABLE AT THE UNIVERSITY, NEW PROGRAM OPPORTUNITIES THAT WOULD BENEFIT FROM A MULTI-UNIVERSITY APPROACH We would like to be able to provide students access to specialty courses not offered at our university, as well as courses that are unavailable during certain semesters due to sabbatical leaves and retirements. Currently we are working with ESU on a 4 + 1 (2) for the Masters in Public Health (ESU degree) and with Slippery Rock on a 4+1 for Computer Science (KU degree).