Council of Trustees Handbook

many theoretical physics or advanced mathematics courses since they don’t directly support their career goals. Furthermore, through direct communications with some local employers, and through RACC, we have found that there are career opportunities for graduates from such a degree in applied engineering. The existing “Engineering Physics” track prepares students for careers in R&D and engineering management and/or advanced studies in engineering and applied physics. On the other hand, the proposed “Technology Management” track will be a terminal degree preparing students for careers in applied engineering and design support management in the industry. Through this new track we want to serve a slice of the Pennsylvania high school and community college graduate population, that has not been served directly at this time. Especially many community college graduates, who may not otherwise pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering or physics, can be served through this new track. The curriculum of this new track retains all the experimental physics and engineering courses of our B.S. Physics degree, but replaces theoretical physics courses in there with other industry-related topics from physics, engineering and mathematics. BS Environmental Science— Regenerative Organic Agriculture A track within Environmental Science in regenerative organic agriculture would be in partnership with the internationally known Rodale Experimental Farm. The environment is in crisis and the need for diminishing resources will continue. There is need to meet the sustainability challenges with viable solutions and regenerative organic agriculture is one avenue. The degree will include significant research and/or internship experience at the Rodale farm located less than 5 miles from our campus. BSEd PK-12 Special Education The special education program currently leads to dual certification in Special Education PreK- 8/Elementary Education PreK-4. Act 82 of2018 established a Special Education Grades PK-12 standalone certificate. This legislation replaced the Special Education PK-8 and Special Education 7-12 certificates. A PDE-approved Special Education program provider must now prepare students to teach prekindergarten through grade 12 or up to 21 years of age. The Special Education Grades PK-12 certificate does not require certification in an additional content area. At Kutztown University, we do not currently offer special education as a single certification program and this could prompt some students to not attend the university. This is a proposal of a new program major within the special education program for students only seeking certification in Special Education Grades PreK-12. Through this major, teacher candidates enrolled will achieve all PDE and CEC competencies and complete various courses that will benefit their focus in the field of special education. BSEd Secondary EducationComputer Science Adding a degree option for students to complete this type of degree would allow a double degree completion for those in math, science, and other areas to expand their ability to be hired within our regions school districts and private schools. BA Music— Business We have had discussions with community colleges that have noted the paucity of 4-year programs to recommend students that do not require an audition. We continually receive applications or interest from students in pursuing careers in the music/entertainment industry that do not have a background in music. This track is an appropriate avenue for those new students. MA Counselor Education— Addiction Counseling Kutztown University is offering a track in Addiction Counseling within our Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) accredited M.A. in Counseling Program. The track is designed to attract new graduate students to the College of Education who wish to learn skills associated with treating clinical populations found throughout society. The purpose of this program is to meet the ever-increasing need for qualified addictions counselors to work with individuals diagnosed with substance use disorders, process disorders, and most importantly, cooccurring disorders (substance abuse disorder combined with a mental health disorder).