Council of Trustees Handbook

Kutztown University: Academic Planning Outlook University Name: Kutztown University For anticipated changes to the academic program array, briefly describe any of the following, as applicable. This is a report of your academic planning and does not substitute for the new program proposal or notification process. It also does not preclude seizing upon unforeseen or innovative opportunities. PLEASE LIST NEW CREDENTIALS (DEGREES, CREDIT-BEARING CERTIFICATES) YOU PLAN TO ADD OVER THE PLANNING PERIOD AND A BRIEF RATIONALE FOR WHY THIS CREDENTIAL AND WHY YOUR UNIVERSITY Next two years (add cells as needed): Credential Brief Rationale BSBA—Human Resource Management Organizations are realizing that employees ought not to be considered a commodity input, but rather as people who supply a resource that gives their organization a distinct competitive advantage to ensure its success, long-term viability, and/or reputational advantage. The track in Human Resource Management is designed to develop knowledge and skills in the management functions of strategic and human resource planning, compensation, recruitment, training and development, and compliance with local, state and federal employment laws and policies. As the business environment faced by companies becomes increasingly competitive and complex, management has become more focused on managing and developing their most valuable asset: their human talent. BSBA— Entrepreneurship An entrepreneurship track prepares students to become entrepreneurial thinkers. Entrepreneurial thinking encompasses more than just the skills for running a business; it is a mindset that encourages thinking creatively, embracing challenges and opportunities, and taking risks. As such, entrepreneurship aligns with many university learning goals. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), 75% of all new jobs come from small businesses that represent 99.7% of all employers. The Kauffman Foundation’s Report on Entrepreneurship in American Higher Education states that entrepreneurship is critical to understanding and succeeding in a global economy. As such, entrepreneurship aligns with COB and department learning goals. A 2014 study from the consultancy Sparks & Honey found 72% of highschool students wanted to start a business whereas only 4.7% of recent college graduates are self-employed or freelance and only 0.6% actually started their own business as compared to 8.7% of the general population. Although there are many reasons for this gap, one reason is students have not been exposed to opportunities to explore, develop and launch their business ideas. This track enables a student to develop or take their ideas from concept to launch. This will enable students from outside and inside a traditional business program to exploit their ideas – whether it be from music, art, education, or science, and link them to their career goals. Finally, this track creates a more formal course of study that will allow greater opportunities to partner with the KU SBDC. BS Physics— Technology Management Based on our conversations with prospective students and local community colleges, we have learned that there are many students who want to pursue a university degree in science/technology/engineering, but do not wish to take