Council of Trustees Handbook

9/16/2020 Act of Jul. 1, 2020,P.L. 558, No. 50 Cl. 24 - PUBLIC SCHOOL CODE OF 1949 - OMNIBUS AMENDMENTS 6/11 their respective elective terms as members of the General Assembly. * * * (d.1) A student board member appointed under subsection (a)(8) may be removed by the board. * * * Section 5. Section 2005-A(4) of the act is amended to read: Section 2005-A. The Chancellor.--The chief executive officer of the system shall be a chancellor, who shall be employed by the board in accordance with clause (1) of section 2006-A. In addition to those prescribed by the board, the chancellor shall have the following duties: * * * (4) The chancellor shall assist the board in its appointment of the presidents for the constituent institutions by submitting to the board the name or names of individuals recommended by the council of trustees [of the appropriate constituent institution who shall involve students, faculty and alumni in the interview and selection process used to formulate their recommendation]. The chancellor shall submit to the board the recommended salary and other proposed terms of each such appointment. The board shall have the right to refuse the recommendation of the local council and to request that additional recommendations be submitted by the council. * * * Section 6. Section 2006-A(a)(5), (14) and (15) of the act are amended and the subsection is amended by adding paragraphs to read: Section 2006-A. Powers and Duties of the Board of Governors.-- (a) The Board of Governors shall have overall responsibility for planning and coordinating the development and operation of the system. The powers and duties of the Board of Governors shall be: * * * (5) To [create] approve new undergraduate and graduate degree programs, which shall not be subject to the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education; to approve extension campuses and new external degree programs subject to the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education; to promote cooperation among institutions, including the development of consortia within the system and other educational institutions and agencies. * * * (14) To make all reasonable [rules and regulations] policies and procedures necessary to carry out the purposes of this article and the duties of the board. (15) To do and perform generally all of those things necessary and required to accomplish the role and objectives of the system, unless otherwise delegated by the board to the chancellor. (16) To require institutions to share services and to participate in collaborations when the system has shown evidence in writing of cost reductions and improved efficiencies across the system. For a new, amended or altered shared services contract or collaboration, the institution's council of trustees may reject it by a two-thirds vote with written notice provided to the board within ten (10) days of the council of trustees' decision. This paragraph shall not be construed to allow an institution's council of trustees retroactive discretion over a shared service or collaboration already in effect prior to the effective date of this paragraph. (17) To appoint student members to the board and councils. (18) To document the movement of money from an account of the system or an institution to another account or institution and include a plan for repayment. Repayment shall be given priority when any new Federal or State money is appropriated. (19) To make, issue and enforce board policies, procedures and standards for the management and conduct of the instructional,