Council of Trustees Handbook

Page 2 of 22 (10) "Institution" shall mean each of the State-owned colleges and university on the effective date hereof, or hereafter created, and including its personnel, and its physical plant, instructional equipment, records and all other property thereof. (11) "Professional employe" for the purposes of this act, professional employe means any employe whose work: (i) is predominately intellectual and varied in character; (ii) requires consistent exercise of discretion and judgment; (iii) requires knowledge of an advanced nature in the field of science or learning customarily acquired by specialized study in an institution of higher learning or its equivalent; and (iv) is of such character that the output or result accomplished cannot be standardized in relation to a given period of time. (12) "Refund" shall mean any return payment, or remission, by an institution to a student of all or part of any sum he has paid for tuition, room and board, application or student activity fee or any other charge or fee. (13) "Secretary" shall mean the Secretary of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or such person as the secretary may designate to act on behalf of the secretary with regard to any of the duties and prerogatives imposed by this act. (14) "State board" shall mean the State Board of Education. (15) "Student" shall mean a person who is enrolled in a course of study in any institution which is subject to the provisions hereof. (16) "Student association" shall mean the officially recognized representative body of the student population of each institution. (17) "System" shall mean the State System of Higher Education. (18) "Waiver" shall mean any release from initial payment by a student of all or part of his tuition, charge for room and board, application or student activity fee or any other charge or fee. (19) "Maintenance projects" shall mean those activities, materials, labor and contracts necessary to replace, restore, refurbish or enhance real property which do not alter the architectural or engineering characteristics of the structure, as follows: painting; window repair and replacement; roof repair and replacement; repointing and masonry repair; downspout and gutters; landscaping; roadways, parking facilities, track and athletic court resurfacing and reconstruction; sidewalk and curbing reconstruction and replacement; asbestos abatement (in accordance with all State and Federal statutes and regulations); caulking and insulation; and replacement, reconstruction and construction of non-load bearing interior walls. No such project shall affect the structural integrity of any existing facility or utility system. ((19) amended July 11, 1990, P.L.424, No.103) P.L.304, No.48) (20) "Campus police" shall mean all law enforcement personnel employed by the system who have successfully completed a campus police course of training approved under 53 Pa.C.S. Ch. 21 Subch. D (relating to municipal police education and training). ((20) added Dec. 23, 2003, P.L.304, No.48)