Council of Trustees Handbook

– Support structures that recognize the challenges and additional responsibilities faced by diverse faculty are created, by 2023. – Review of all public documents (incl. web pages) in order to update, identify, and remediate potential language that is not gender inclusive is completed, by 2023. – DEI experiences and training for all 1st year students is increased. Objective 2 _______________________________ Expand DEI professional development programming for all employees. Key Results: – New sources of funding for university DEI training explored. – 100% completion rate for PASSHE DEI training is achieved, by 2022. – CET workshops on culturally responsive pedagogy provided annually. – Certificate in culturally responsive pedagogy developed by CET. – Cultural competency embedded into new faculty orientation, by 2022. – Cultural competency incorporated into onboarding process for new staff and administrators. Objective 3 ______________________________ Improve diversity of the KU campus community. Key Results: – Diversity of the region is reflected in the undergraduate population. – Diversity in all shared governance committees and University leadership is assessed. – Support for different learning and ability modalities and faculty training in Universal Design is increased.