Council of Trustees Handbook

Objective 1 _______________________________ Improve academic success of all students. Key Results: – First-year retention rate increased from 74% in fall 2019 to 78% in fall 2024. – Persistence increased from 65% in Fall 2019 to 68% in Fall 2024. – Graduate retention rate increases 2.5%-2.75% year-over-year between AY 2021-22 and 202324. – Two-year graduation rate for full-time transfer students from 25.41% to 30% starting with the fall 2020 incoming cohort and the threeyear graduation rate for the same cohort of students from 51.49% to 58%. Objective 2 _______________________________ Ensure graduates are prepared for a successful career. Key Results: – Annual assessment of field-related student learning outcomes shows career readiness. – Target percentage of graduates employed within six months: Bachelor’s 60% Master’s 80%, by 2024. – Of those graduates employed within six months, target percentage employed in a field related to their career goals: Bachelor’s 80% (48% overall), Master’s: 90% (72% overall), by 2024. Objective 3 ______________________________ Ensure students engage in high impact practices and experiential learning. Key Results: – Increase experiential learning opportunities for targeted student populations, including students participating in the Honors Program, Summer Talent Academy for Rising Stars (STARS) Program, Providing Resources and Opportunities for Future Standouts (PROFS) Program, and first-year cohorts, by 2024. – Percent of senior National Survey of Student Engagement respondents who report participating in at least one experiential learning opportunity: service learning, research with faculty, internship / field experience, or study abroad is increase from 85% to 90%, by 2025. Objective 4 ______________________________ Enhance and encourage research, creativity and innovation. Key Results: – Number of grant proposals submitted by faculty increased from 22 to 26. – Faculty ongoing research shared to the broader campus. – Mentoring opportunities and scholarly communities of practice are created. GOAL 2: STUDENT SUCCESS _______________ Kutztown University will foster a culture that supports student success and well-being.