Council of Trustees Handbook 717-783-1540 Higher Education: Primer March 25, 2022 - Page 16 Allocation Formulas and Appropriation Distribution Methodology The commonwealth does not use a consistent, rational method to make allocation decisions between sectors, institutions within sectors, or the mix between institutions or student grants. Act 70 of 2019 established the Public Higher Education Funding Commission. The nineteen-member commission is comprised of: • sixteen legislators from the General Assembly, including the four Appropriations Committee chairs, the four Education Committee Chairs, and two additional members from each legislative caucus, • the Secretary of Education, • the Deputy Secretary for Postsecondary and Higher Education, and • another individual appointed by the governor. The commission is charged with developing a higher education funding formula and identifying factors that may be used to distribute funding among the public institutions of higher education, such as goals for higher education, enrollment, access, affordability, cost, student debt, institutional missions, and outcomes. The commission will look for efficiencies and consider how a formula could impact each public institution of higher education. The commission held three hearings between October 2019 and February 2020 to start to gather information. However, the pandemic disrupted this work, and Act 26 of 2021 delayed the commission’s report until May 31, 2022.