Council of Trustees Handbook 717-783-1540 Higher Education: Primer March 25, 2022 - Page 9 Other Student Aid Grants – Ready to Succeed Scholarship and the PA Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP) PHEAA administers two other student grant programs aside from the State Grant Program. The General Assembly created the Ready to Succeed grant program in 2014. The program is partially meritbased, in contrast to the State Grant Program. Students must maintain a 3.25 GPA and be nominated by their postsecondary institution. Students can receive up to $2,000 annually, often as a wrap-around award along with a state grant. A student’s family income cannot exceed $110,000, and they cannot have received a state grant of more than $1,501. The Pennsylvania Targeted Industry Program, or PA-TIP, provides grants to students enrolled in programs shorter than two years in length in select high-priority fields, like energy, health, agriculture, food production, advanced materials and diversified manufacturing. Courses of study must be between 10 weeks and two years long. Institutional Assistance Grants for Private Colleges and Universities Although it makes up a comparatively small part of direct institutional support, Pennsylvania has a program to help more than 80 private institutions. Non-profit, non-denominational colleges and universities that are not state-owned, state-related or a community college and do not receive direct state aid through a non-preferred appropriation are eligible to receive an institutional assistance grant from PHEAA. Grants are distributed based on the number of students who receive individual PHEAA state grants at eligible schools. Once a per capita amount is determined, each school receives its apportionment based on the number of PHEAA grant recipients enrolled at the institution.