Council of Trustees Handbook

COMMITTEE on HUMAN DIVERSITY Ms. Dianne Lutz, Chair Mr. Evan Santos Staff Resource: Mr. Jesus Peña, Esq., Vice President for Equity, Compliance, and Legal Affairs Mr. Jerry Schearer, Interim Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Purpose: To enhance the Trustees’ awareness and support of and participation in the Kutztown University commitment to Human Diversity. Function: a. To review and discuss the University’s diversity programs, services, and activities that support the recruitment and retention of social equity group members. (These groups are primarily identified by race, ethnicity, cultural, gender, ability and sexual orientation.) b. To provide input into the planning process and the on-going development of services to ensure access, and equal opportunity for people historically underrepresented at Kutztown University. c. To continue to support and enhance the development of appropriate strategies to obtain the goals of the programs. d. To facilitate communication between and among other appropriate Council committees in their respective oversight roles relating to the mission and vision of Human Diversity. ______________________________________ COMMITTEE on UNIVERSITY RELATIONS and ADVANCEMENT Mr. Jim Ludlow, Chair Mr. Phillips Armstrong Mr. Kevin Harden, Jr. Esq. Staff Resource: Mr. Josh Leiboff, Acting Vice President for University Relations & Athletics Mr. Alex Ogeka, Executive Director, Kutztown University Foundation Purpose: To inform Trustees about the university activities in public relations and community affairs and to provide a vehicle to enhance the Trustee participation in University fundraising through the Kutztown University Foundation and related advancement activities. Function: a. To review, discuss, and make recommendations regarding the University’s public relations/ community affairs and fundraising plans and policies. b. To develop strategy for Trustees participation in activities to enhance the university’s image, strengthen town-gown and community relationships and to provide input into the fundraising goals and activities. c. To join other appropriate council committees in analysis, development and support of academic/ student affairs, fiscal and facilities planning, and to develop strategies that will increase alumni, university employee, Trustees, and general citizen participation in the fical support of Kutztown University. [ Chairperson is an ex-officio member of all committees. ]