Social Work Global Conference Report 2018

Slavery and injustice are not only physical but in mind. Researchers across the world have documented the significant impact of historical trauma among diverse groups of people. With a focus on the Black Community in America, social workers and students can begin to understand the historical trauma this population faces. Human Trafficking is a criminal act that has been ongoing for thousands of years and has affected almost every country around the world. This presentation will explore the relationship between natural disasters and one’s vulnerability to sex trafficking. The presentation will focus on one study that made a comparison of two disasters including Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana and the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. The Dark Side of Chocolate Documentary Screening November 1, 2018 To bring awareness of child trafficking in the Ivory Coast and its connections to the worldwide chocolate industry. The Red Sand Project April 17, 2019 To spread awareness of human trafficking and exploitation. Creating an opportunity for people to question, connect, and take action. SAVE THE DATE! November 1, 2019 Kutztown University Department of Social Work 8 th Annual Conference on Social Work in the Global Environment Well-Being of Children and Families: Global-Local Responses and Protective Measures DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK