Social Work Global Conference Report 2017

very good while 6.06% rated it as satisfactory. Finally, 75.76 % of the respondents indicated that the time allotted for each session was appropriate. The results further indicated that 87.88% of the respondents gained awareness and understanding of the local/global organizations responding to human needs from attending the conference. Asked if they would attend and/or recommend future conference to others, 90.91% of the respondents indicated that they would attend a future Annual Conference on Social Work in the Global Environment at KU and would recommend others to attend the conference. In terms of their involvement, 36.36% of the respondents indicated that they would be willing to present in future conferences; 33.33% indicated that they might present in the future conference and the 27.27% indicated that they would not present in future conference. Some of the items drawn from the qualitative responses are reported below. Overall this was a successful conference. Thank you to all who attended. Some of the themes drawn from the qualitative result with regards to the suggestion of topic for the future conference are as follows . Themes: Sex trafficking, medication dependence, trauma, behavioral health, substance abuse, human sexuality, disabilities in the global environment, media, education, poverty, culture, homelessness, incarceration, food insecurity, education inequality, homeland security, taking action against social issues, modern day slavery Social Justice Issue of Human Trafficking, Needs: Better evaluation return rate