Social Work Global Conference Report 2016

2016 Presenters Synthesizing Sustainability, Human Rights, and Environmental Justice: Creating a New Synergy for Social Work Keynote address, Dr. Catherine Hawkins, Texas State University Beyond the Tipping Point: Global Trends and the Implications for Social Policy Dr. Stephen Kauffman, Widener University Childhood Lead Exposure and Delinquency: Environmental and Behavioral Risk Factors Dr. Jonathan Kremser, Kutztown University Removing the Training Wheels: A Student's Journey from an Individual Reflection to a Global Perspective Dr. Heather LaBarre, Kutztown University Identifying Qualities of Environmental Racism and Effects on Non-Dominant Populations in the United States McKenzie Hollenbach, Kutztown University "Downtown Development" Affects More than Facades: Encroaching Gentrification in Allentown, Pennsylvania Courtney Newcomer, Kutztown University Ecological Justice: A Literature Review Sophia Roman; Katrese Bradley; Wakeleet Anifowoshe, Kutztown University Domestic Violence: Human Rights Issue in India Jessica Brokenshire, Kutztown University Childhood Lead Poisoning: What Social Workers Can Do Sara Strayer, Widener University Impact of Acculturation on Education and Family Environment among Immigrants and their Children in the United States Alexandria Blackman; Felicia Trieval; Kate Serrill, Kutztown University Homelessness a Local and Global Crisis: A Social Worker’s Response Anthony Calafaty, Kutztown University Ecological Humanism of the Quran and International Development Dr. Ashraf Adeel, Kutztown University Moderator, Dr. Edward Hanna, Kutztown University Join us for the 6 th Annual Conference on Social Work in the Global Environment: How do we build a fair, just, and peaceful world? Local efforts with global implications. November 17, 2017 Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Call for proposals now open: work/events/social-work-in-the-global-environment-conference.htm