Social Work Global Conference Report 2016

The results further indicated that 98.4% of the respondents gained gain awareness and understanding of the local/global organizations responding to human needs after attending the conference. Asked if they would attend and/or recommend future conference to others, 98.4% of the respondents indicated that they would attend a future Annual Conference on Social Work in the Global Environment at KU and would recommend others to attend the conference. In terms of their involvement, 35.5% of the respondents indicated that they would be willing to present in future conferences; 38.7% indicated that they might present in the future conference and the 24.2% indicated that they would not present in future conference. Some of the items drawn from the qualitative responses are reported below. Overall this was a successful conference. Overview by Sharma Yashoda Report design by Mary J Bononno Some of the themes drawn from the qualitative result with regards to the suggestion of topic for the future conference are as follows. Themes: Gender issues (equality, poverty inequalities between genders, rape culture, gender identity), human sexuality, homelessness, incarceration, food insecurity, education inequality, Media; Politics; International Advocacy; Wealth Inequality, Social Justice Issue of Human Trafficking, Effects of Poverty Cross-Globally, Identifying Racism; Family Environment among immigrants; Acculturation on immigrants, Trades-drug, weapon, labor, and sex. Needs: Logistical problems, access to the power points as resources.