Social Work Global Conference Report 2016

and ten juried paper presentations by faculty and students from Kutztown University and Widener University. In attendance at the conference were participants from our local communities, faculty and students from Rutgers and Alvernia Universities. Of the 265 attendees, 62 completed and returned the conference evaluation questionnaire. Out of the 62 respondents 14 were graduate students, 31 were undergraduate students, 12 were faculty members and 5 were others. Approximately 87.1% of the respondents were Social Work Major and 6.4% were from other majors and the remaining 6.5% did not respond. Majority (93.6%) of the respondents heard about the conference from their course instructors and via KU email announcement. The results indicated that that over 80.65% of the respondents rated the keynote speech as excellent or very good and noted that the speaker was knowledgeable about the theme of the conference; 59.7 % of the respondents indicated that the discussion held after the keynote speech was satisfactory; 100% of the respondent indicated that the information gained from the sessions was congruent to the main theme of the conference; 77.4% of the respondents rated the conference as well organized; 96.8% of the respondents rated the presentation sessions offered at the conference as excellent or very good while 3.2% rated it as satisfactory. Finally, 69.4 percent of the respondents indicated that the time allotted for each session was appropriate.