BSW Field Profiles 2020-21

BSW Hannah Ackerman 2020 Agency Name: Kutztown University Social Work Department Profile: My field placement is working on research projects through the Kutztown University Social Work Department under Dr. Svistova. In this project we are conducting a research study on mental health access in rural parts of Pennsylvania. Field Placement Responsibilities: At my field placement I am responsible for doing lots of research on different mental health services and facilities in rural parts of Pennsylvania and reporting those findings and organizing them into multiple Excel sheets. I also recruit participants for our research study by making phone calls and sending emails to potential participants, complete many literature reviews, attend team meetings and focus groups and take notes, and many other research related tasks. Future Goals: After I graduate with my BSW in May I plan on going for my MSW right away in the fall and then focusing on obtaining an LCSW. Department of Social Work